Top 100 Albums of 2015

by, Art Carny

Without further ado, I present to you the best one hundred albums (and ep’s) of 2015 (in alphabetical order, because rankings are arbitrary and comparing one album to another is apples and oranges in that each is an individual work, seeking independent outcomes and presenting varying experiences).  Enjoy and see you in 2016, the year of the monkey…

Alex Calder, Strange Dreams (Captured Tracks)
All Dogs, Kicking Every Day (Salinas)

Ava Luna, Infinite House (Western Vinyl)
Aye Nako, The Blackest Eye (Don Giovani)

Beach House, Depression Cherry (Sub Pop)

Beach House, Thank Your Lucky Stars (Sub Pop)

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Mixtape Monday – Tape 6: Side A – “Rogue et Rouge and the French Connection”

by, Art Carny

Whoa!  Where’d the Ape go?  By now you are all probably used to Mixtape Mondays arriving a little late.  Nevertheless, we’ve got a midweek Hump Day rock around the world tour, with a prolonged stay in France.  Why, you ask?  Mostly for novelty reasons that Art Carny himself cannot quite say.  It’s just that sometimes you hear something… interesting and then you let your ears do the rest.  With that said, enjoy this Side A of another split-tape with an Insomniac Side B soon to come.  Au revoir you damn dirty Apes.

*Disclaimer – not every song is French, but most.

Mixtape Monday – Tape 5: Side B – “Audio Anatomy or How I Learned to Travel Through the Organic Body of Music”

by, Art Carny

Before you go ahead and enjoy the sounds we here at The Rogue Ape mindfully organize and present to you, I would like to take a moment to call to attention a noteworthy aspect of this 5th Mixtape.  The Insomniac and I normally take alternating turns at crafting these thirty minute morsels of magic, but this tape is different.  We are proud to present to you our very first “split-tape”, which features an Insomniac Side A and an Art Carny Side B.  What you are experiencing with this tape is the bi-product of synchronous artificers.

Side B’s theme is centered around the piano’s macabre cousin, the organ.  As the instrumental organ sets the audio backdrop, I’d like to also highlight the anatomical organ or the collection of different tissues joined in a structural unit to serve a common function.  A band member not only plays an instrument, but is an interstitial component of the larger body of sound that the band creates.  It is also hard to not make this connection when you realize the organ is the only instrument whose name is shared with a body part.

So take an orchestra seat for this indie rendition of The Phantom of the Opera…