The Dead Weather – Lose the Right

by The Insomniac

mmmm…. I’m all for stars going out on their own to venture off into new sounds and experiment, but with Jack White’s recent releases, there seemed to be a piece missing or maybe too much self indulgence and not enough people saying “no”. You can argue all you want that some of his side projects with other musicians are mere vehicles to showcase his wackiness under new¬†light, but there’s a different sound that’s produced when there’s more than one head in the room writing songs.

The White Stripes struck a cord with the masses – a perfect amount of grit and weeping¬†falsetto, noisy angst and sheer volume. They were the kings of alt-rock in the early 21st century. People are meant to evolve but it’s hard not to compare the new ventures to past creations, especially creations so addicting they took up residence in our headspace relentlessly. The Raconteurs were a more tame cut of that sound as if White felt the heavy boot of radio airplay coercing them with promises of fame if they traded away some edge. His solo work was intimate, slower, and had its roots in basic blues. The Dead Weather however is the only project I’ve heard from him that came close to matching the veracity of the Stripes. Hypnotic with an otherworldly flare, desolate with a dystopian spine, it sounds like something haunting is being released from their instruments – as if they are channeling some ghostly electric muse who loves excessive organ in each song. That grit is more at home here than anywhere else. And it thrives. Makes for nice creepy musical goodness this Halloween season.

“Lose the Right” is one of the standout tracks from The Dead Weather’s new album Dodge and Burn, out this past September. If records were dreams, this one would be the biggest nightmare yet. That’s mostly a compliment for a band like them. Check it out and enjoy.