SZA – Child’s Play ft. Chance the Rapper

By Doc Vocado

This soothing take on R&B comes from New Jersey native singer, SZA, off of her first retail album and third EP release, “Z”. The song seems to be a poetic representation of young-adult angst. Born in 1990, SZA opens the song with, “Rippin’ the heads off of my Barbie dolls…”, and later throws in a few Street Fighter references, relating the content to her own age group. The breathy female vocals make for a very smooth track, but this piece is made unique by its versatility, as Chance the Rapper abruptly chimes in half way through the song with a very original multi-syllabic rhyme scheme. The album is worth a listen as a whole, which is a hell of an achievement in the era of YouTube hit wonders. This is by far the strongest single though, and is definitely worthy of the playlist you have for when you apply shea butter.