Mixtape Monday – Tape 7: Side A – “Dr. Discord in the Valley of Sound”

by, Art Carny

It’s been a full week without sound.  You’ve gone to work, come home, stayed up all night, walked the streets, went to bed again and still no sound has entered your ears.  People will talk and you listen, but nothing ever comes out.  So you nod and interpret the expressions.  Six days of this and you have had enough.  You decide it is time to fix the silence, so you look up an ear doctor and find the closest practice.

You arrive in the waiting room of the doctor’s office.  Before you can sit, a nurse appears in the darkness of the hall and mouths your name.  “The doctor will see you now”, you believe she says with still eyes on an unwavering visage.  In her hands you can see she’s holding an instrument, but you can tell it has no medicinal purpose or does it?  She guides you down the dimly lit corridor.  As you pass room after room you begin to notice that all of the doors are closed, but the lights are on.  You finally arrive at the end of the hall, to the only room with the door open and lights off.  The nurse leads you in, flips the lamp switch and instructs you to lay on the exam table.  As you try to get comfortable on the table, you notice the nurse is gone.

Alone and scared, you lay quietly in the operating room.  You observe all the gadgets, electronics, and machines that line the space.  In amazement of what they might do, you pause when you notice a pair of headphones on the doctor’s desk.  Curious now, you lift yourself off the exam table and approach the headphones.  As you place them carefully upon your head, the monitor of a computer lights-up unexpectedly.  You read the text, each word deliberately.  Mixtape Monday.  Tape 7.  Side A.  The text disappears and a song begins.  A tear drops from your eye as you hear the very first sounds enter your cerebrum in seven days.

A life without sound is a life not worth living.

Mixtape Monday: Tape 6, Side B: A World on Fire


by the Insomniac

Looking up from the earth to find direction but only finding cold indifference. The dark velvet of night is lit by the artificial glow of forced life. You find your purpose in a chaotic circus. A winding turbine of sensory soup. You dance through the night and watch a city burn. Up out all night in bright lit wonderland. Mock the void. Ditch the masks. Your mind is melting while everyone’s running. The stars are still indifferent. The world’s on fire and the youth are in trouble.

Mixtape Monday – Tape 6: Side A – “Rogue et Rouge and the French Connection”

by, Art Carny

Whoa!  Where’d the Ape go?  By now you are all probably used to Mixtape Mondays arriving a little late.  Nevertheless, we’ve got a midweek Hump Day rock around the world tour, with a prolonged stay in France.  Why, you ask?  Mostly for novelty reasons that Art Carny himself cannot quite say.  It’s just that sometimes you hear something… interesting and then you let your ears do the rest.  With that said, enjoy this Side A of another split-tape with an Insomniac Side B soon to come.  Au revoir you damn dirty Apes.

*Disclaimer – not every song is French, but most.

Mixtape Monday – Tape 5: Side B – “Audio Anatomy or How I Learned to Travel Through the Organic Body of Music”

by, Art Carny

Before you go ahead and enjoy the sounds we here at The Rogue Ape mindfully organize and present to you, I would like to take a moment to call to attention a noteworthy aspect of this 5th Mixtape.  The Insomniac and I normally take alternating turns at crafting these thirty minute morsels of magic, but this tape is different.  We are proud to present to you our very first “split-tape”, which features an Insomniac Side A and an Art Carny Side B.  What you are experiencing with this tape is the bi-product of synchronous artificers.

Side B’s theme is centered around the piano’s macabre cousin, the organ.  As the instrumental organ sets the audio backdrop, I’d like to also highlight the anatomical organ or the collection of different tissues joined in a structural unit to serve a common function.  A band member not only plays an instrument, but is an interstitial component of the larger body of sound that the band creates.  It is also hard to not make this connection when you realize the organ is the only instrument whose name is shared with a body part.

So take an orchestra seat for this indie rendition of The Phantom of the Opera…