Mixtape Monday: Tape 4, Side B – “Dreary Mindplay in a Silent Dusk”

by The Insomniac


Side B for Mixtape 4 is out – this one a bit slowed down to round out the upbeat atmosphere of Side A. We’re going for a more laid back tone with this one, a mix to throw on a particularly sleepy midweek night time when the only light coming through your window is the dim glow from the tavern down the street, before the chorus of insects start their deafening symphony after sunset. That time of day when you replay and warp what’s happened to you throughout the day to make sense of it all once all the hullabaloo starts to lose its steam.

This week’s theme is “Dreary Mindplay in a Silent Dusk”


Mixtape 4: Side A “Electro-Funk Synthscapes in a Neon Wrapper”

Mixtape 4 is up you savages Р4 weeks into this new series, we whipped up this one to pay homage to some of the synth-laden grooves that seem to invade idle mindspace between thoughts on a boring day. Part of the appeal about this sound is that aspects of it are timeless Рmost of these tracks could have easily been from 30-40 years ago. A time when there was less shame in  fashion, chrome suits were actually a thing, and synthesizers were an obsession born from novelty and virgin curiosity.

This week’s theme is “Electro-Funk Synthscapes in a Neon Wrapper”.


May 2015 Playlist


The May 2015 Playlist is out on our Spotify page, check it out and let us know what you think. This one has some summer jams that melt into the daze of the heat, kicking off with Jeff the Brotherhood, and featuring some upcoming acts at Bonnaroo this year, including Flying Lotus, Giraffage, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Tears for Fears.

Enjoy, I’ll see you at the farm.