Mixtape Monday – Mixtape 3: Side B


Oh, yes it’s Ladies Night here at The Rogue Ape as we pay tribute to the women who rock in this edition of Mixtape Monday.  To the chicks that choose jeans and Converse kicks over yoga pants and UGGs, that pick up the guitar instead of the hair roller, and write lyrics instead of Facebook statuses – we salute you.  Here’s to music itself, which is an art form that continues to be a medium for voicing, influencing, and mobilizing.

The theme: a mixtape from Venus on the Galactic Femme-ship



Mixtape Monday – Mixtape 3: Side A

“America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans.  Everywhere else is Cleveland.” – Tennessee Williams

As I write this week’s edition of Mixtape Monday from a hotel in Washington, D.C., I reflect on my travels along the pastoral roadside of America.  On Friday, I picked up my dad from the airport and we headed to Austin to see Sleater-Kinney play at Stubb’s which turned out to be an incredible night.

On Saturday morning, our journey began in San Antonio after packing the trailer, which lead to a pass through Houston on our way to New Orleans.  After meandering around the streets of the French Quarter, the trip resumed Sunday afternoon with a five state trek from Louisiana through Mississippi to Alabama, with a stop for BBQ in Tuscaloosa, and a quick pass over the northwest section of Georgia before landing in Knoxville, TN at around two in the morning.

From Knoxville we headed towards Virginia and completely traversed the state before landing here, in this hotel room, where we will rest our weary bones until tomorrow.  We plan to do some D.C. sightseeing before hitting the homestretch which should take us around four hours and complete our one thousand eight hundred mile trip.

I compiled a playlist that I think captures the spirit of the voyage.  The theme: Ease And Admiration – On The Trail Home ’15