Beats by Dre Breakdown

By Doc Vocado


Happy Monday to all you primal souls out there. While you’re out there chasing the weekend and making rash decisions with your amygdala like I know I do sometimes, save yourself from doing an injustice to your appreciation for good music by purchasing sub-par headphones or speakers. Artists spend countless hours writing, recording and producing their music. True musicians pay close attention to the interactions each component of a musical work in progress. How do the bass and drums frame the tempo of the song? How do the lyrics and melody sound in conversation with one another? Is this guitar coming in too strong, or just right?

After they feel their creative license has been exhausted, and the project is almost complete, artists work with producers and sound engineers to make subtle adjustments to the relationship between the types of sounds coming through your speakers. As content providers, musicians seem to exert maximum effort into dictating how listeners will hear their music, which ultimately determines its effect on emotion. All this labor considered, why then as listeners, do we so often settle for audio products that distort and dismantle the artistry that truly goes into creating, recording, and mastering even one single 3 minute song?

Listening to music is an art in itself, and it should be undertaken with the same careful craftsmanship that goes into creating that music. Unfortunately, in the marketplace for headphones and speakers, the power of social media marketing and endorsements has overshadowed the power of truly high quality audio. Check out this great tech video from and independent YouTube tech reviewer discussing the phenomenon of Beats by Dre headphones. You’ll learn something about marketing and pricing strategy in addition to sound quality, and also why Dr. Dre is filthy rich. Enjoy.

DJ Three – Robot Heart – Burning Man 2014

by The Insomniac

Sink into DJ Three’s set from this year’s Burning Man festival. Also check out the rest of the music posted on Robot Heart on Soundhound  at

It’s a captivating collection of alternative long-form electronic mixes interesting enough to keep the attention of even the most eccentric freak-show festival-goers.

While filling in for another DJ who didn’t show at the Robot Heart stage this year at Burning Man, Skrillex and Diplo apparently were booed off stage for trying to get the crowd going by playing “Turn Down for What”, normally a banger anywhere else. That tells you something about the expectations of this type of weathered crowd willing to face the edge of existence in the eerie post-apocalyptic desert of Burning Man. Expect to hear music you’ve never heard before. Read more about the story here: