Toy – Join the Dots

by The Insomniac

Top tracks: You Won’t Be the Same, Endlessly, Fall Out of Love

Join the Dots is the sophomore effort released this past December from British psych-rockers, Toy. This marks their first major venture after their self-titled debut released in 2012 and showcases the evolution of the group’s dark and hypnotic sound. If their debut LP was a an experiment in exploring the far reaches of the mind in every direction they could, this album is more of the recurring dream that haunts you night after night. There is a steady flow that one would not be able to find with this group before. The result of their efforts is more of a singular effort – a long gloomy sound-scape, a possible side effect from touring with and supporting The Horrors, who Toy cites as one of their larger influences.

The instrumental opening song, “Conductor”, which clocks in at over 7 minutes, sets the mood for the album off right drawing you in with its driving insistent beats forcing you to drift off wherever they’re going. Even when frontman Tom Dougall’s voice takes over on the next song, theres still plenty of room in the album’s many expanses to fill in your own words and ponder whatever mental space you find yourself visiting. Time would seem to slow making the songs seem much longer than they were, but right when you think you’ve gotten lost in the churning repetition, a catchy post-punk hook comes around to bring you back to the surface. If you are looking for something to get lost into during these cold winter days, surrender a bit of your lucidity and give this album a spin.

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